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LawBuys has the largest collection of legal magazines, legal newspapers, newsletters, law journals, law reporters, and other legal periodicals on the Web.  Currently, our inventory numbers 490 publications, and we are adding more weekly.  Of course, all publications are presented with comparison shopping, courtesy of the LawShopperSM comparison shopping engine.

Accounting for Law Firms

ADA Update

Aid for Education Report

Alabama Criminal, Vehicles and Traffic & Related Statutes

Alaska Criminal Law, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Alcoholic Beverage/State Capitals

Alley Way (NY)

American Journal of Managed Care

American Lawyer

Arizona Capitol Times

Arizona Criminal Code, Transportation & Related Statutes

Arkansas Criminal Transportation & Related Statutes

Bank and Corporate Governance Law Reporter

Bankruptcy Strategist


Basic Security Investigation

Benefits Communicator

Bilingual Dictionary of Criminal Justice Terms--English/Spanish

Bilingual Dictionary of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Terms--English/Spanish

Bilingual Dictionary of Immigration Terms--English/Spanish

Bilingual Handbook for Public Safety Professionals--English/Spanish

Black Enterprise

Blue Sheet of Central Texas

Blue Sheet of Kansas/Missouri

Blue Sheet of New Mexico

Blue Sheet of Northeast Texas

Blue Sheet of Oklahoma

Blue Sheet of South Texas

Blue Sheet of Southeast Texas

Blue Sheet of Texas Commercial Litigation

Blue Sheet of West Texas

Broadcast Law Report

Broadcasting & Cable

Broward Daily Business Review (FL)

Business 2.0

Business Crimes Bulletin

Business Ethics

Business Examiner Newspaper

Business North Carolina

Business Opportunities Journal

The Business Owner

Business Week

California Fish & Game Code

California Penal Code Handbook

California Vehicle Code Handbook

Capital City Weekly

Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal

Cardozo Journal of International & Comparative Law

CD-Housing Register

Chemical Waste Litigation Reporter

Chicago Municipal Code Handbook

Child Welfare Report

Children and Youth Funding Report


Civil Rights/State Capitals

Collection Agency Directory

Collection Agency Report

Colorado Criminal, Corrections, Vehicles & Related Statutes

Commercial Law Handbook

Commercial Leasing Law & Strategy

Commercial Lending Review

Community Development Digest

Community Health Funding Report

Compensation & Benefits Review

Computer Law Reporter

Computing & Communications: Law & Protection Report

Congressional Digest

Connecticut Criminal and Motor Vehicle Laws

Connecticut Criminal Laws

Connecticut Law Tribune, The

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Laws

Conomikes Medicare Hotline

Conomikes Reports on Medical Practice Management & Managed Care

Contemporary Criminal Procedure

Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counselor

Corporate Directory of U.S. Public Companies

Corporate Legal Times

Corporate Location

County Courthouse Book, The

Crime & Justice International: Worldwide News and Trends

Crime Investigation Quizzer

Crime Prevention News

Criminal Evidence for Law Enforcement Officers

Criminal Politics

Customs Law Handbook

Daily Washington Law Reporter

Delaware Corporate Law

Delaware Crimes, Vehicles, Transportation & Related Statutes

Delaware Law Weekly

Development Director's Letter

Dictionary of Criminal Justice Terms

Directors & Boards

Directory of Business Information Resources

Directory of Business to Business Catalogs

Disability Funding News

Disability Resources Monthly

Disabled Offenders (Stop, Search and Arrest)

Discrimination Law Update

District of Columbia Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook

Drugs and the Law

DWI Journal: Law & Science

e-Business Advisor

E-Commerce Law & Strategy

eCompany Now

Economic Development/State Capitals

Emerging Markets Quarterly

Employee Policy for the Private and Public Sectors/State Capitals

Employment Law Strategist

Employment Law Update

Entertainment Law & Finance


Environmental Compliance & Litigation Strategy

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection News

EPA Administrative Law Reporter

Equipment Leasing


Euromoney Magazine

Exclusive Brands Sourcebook: A Global Resource to the Private Label Store Brands

Executive Advantage

Executive Excellence

Executive Session

Exercise Standards & Malpractice Reporter, The

Expert and the Law

Family Relations/State Capitals

Family Services Report

Fast Company

Federal Action Affecting the States/State Capitals

Federal Assistance Monitor

Federal Bankruptcy Handbook

Federal Civil Procedure Handbook

Federal Criminal Law Handbook

Federal Lawyer, The

Federal Personnel Guide

Federal Rules of Evidence

Fen-Phen Litigation Strategist

Financial Executive

Financial Executive's Country Risk Alert

Financial Fraud

Financial News: The Securities and Investment Banking Weekly

Financial Times, The

Finding: National Source Directory

Firstlist: Companies Available for Acquisition

Flashes from the Trade Unions

Florida Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook

Florida Criminal Laws

Florida Motor Vehicle Laws

Florida Security Officer's Handbook

Food & Drug Inspection Monitor

For the Record


Foreign Policy


Fourth Circuit Review

Franchising Business & Law Alert

Fulton County Daily Report (GA)

Georgia Conservation Law Handbook

Georgia Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook

Georgia Security Officer's Handbook

Georgia Trend - The Magazine of Georgia Business

Global Investor

Global Telecoms Business

Hartford Business Journal

Harvard Business Review

Harvard International Review

Hawaii Penal Code, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Health Advocate

Health Care Fraud & Abuse

Health Care M & A Monthly, The

Health Care Trends Report

Health Employment Law Update

Health Insurance Underwriter

Highway Financing & Construction/State Capitals

Hispanic Business

Home Business

Home Business Report

Home Health Care Acquisition Report

Hospital Acquisition Report

Hospital Safety Information Service

Housing Affairs Letter

Housing the Elderly Report

HR Focus

Idaho Crimes and Punishments, Criminal Procedure, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Illinois Conservation Law

Illinois Criminal Law & Procedure Handbook

Illinois Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook

Illinois Environmental Compliance

Illinois Insurance Laws

Illinois Issues

Illinois Law of Criminal Investigation

Illinois Vehicle Code

Inc. Magazine

Indiana Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

Industrial Health & Hazards Update

Information Superhighways & E-Commerce

Inside Fair Lending

Institutional Investor

Insurance Advocate

Insurance Regulation/State Capitals

Intellectual Property Law Strategist

International Financial Law Review

International Journal of Conflict Management

International Securities Lending

International Tax Review

Internet Newsletter

Inventors' Digest

Iowa Commerce Magazine

Iowa Criminal Law, Transportation & Related Statutes

IP Worldwide

ISP Business Newsletter

Job Training & Placement Report

Journal of International Banking Regulation

The Journal of Investing

The Journal of Portfolio Management

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

Judicial Review of Damages (NY)

Kansas Crimes and Punishments, Criminal Procedure, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Kentucky Appellate Reporter

Kentucky Penal Code, Vehicles, Rules & Related Statutes

Kiplinger's Letter

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Kiplinger's Tax Letter

Kiplinger's Washington Letter

Landlord Law Report

Latin American Law & Business Report

Law Enforcement Legal Defense Manual

Law Enforcement Legal Review

Law Firm Partnership & Benefits Report

Law Technology News

Legal Intelligencer (Daily) (PA), The

Legal Intelligencer Suburban Edition (Weekly) (PA), The

Legal Publisher, The

Legal Tech

Legal Times (DC)

Lightbulb/Invent! Journal

Loan Collections & Technology

Los Angeles Business Journal

Louisiana Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

Maine Crimes, Criminal Code, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Managed Care Law Strategist

Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel

Management Matters

Management Review

Management Today

Managing Housing Letter

Managing Intellectual Property

Marconi's International Register


Marketing for Lawyers

Marquette Sports Law Journal

Martin Brower's Orange County Report

Maryland Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

Massachusetts Criminal Law & Procedures

Massachusetts Environmental Law Handbook

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws

Matrimonial Strategist

Medical Device Approval Letter

Medical Malpractice Law & Strategy

Medical Research Funding Bulletin

Mergers & Acquisitions in Latin America (year)

Miami Daily Business Review (FL)

Michigan Motor Vehicle Laws with Uniform Traffic Code

Michigan Penal Code

Michigan Probate Code

Michigan Regional Registers

Mid-Missouri Business Journal

MIMS: Monthly Index of Medical Specialties

Minnesota Crimes, Vehicles & Related Statutes

Minorities in Business Magazine

Minority Business Entrepreneur (MBE)

Mississippi Crimes, Vehicles, Traffic Regulations & Related Statutes

Missouri Crime and Punishment, Vehicles & Related Statutes

Money Laundering Alert

Money Watch Bulletin

Montana Crimes, Criminal Procedure, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Motor Vehicle Regulation/State Capitals

Municipal Reference Guide: Illinois East-Central Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Illinois Northeast Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Illinois Northwestern Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Illinois Southern Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Illinois West-Central Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: New Jersey Northern Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: New Jersey Southern Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: New York Northern Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: New York Southern Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: New York Western Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: North Carolina (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Pennsylvania East-Central Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Pennsylvania Eastern Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Pennsylvania West-Central Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Pennsylvania Western Edition (year)

Municipal Reference Guide: Virginia (year)

National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs

National Directory of Minority Attorneys

National Law Journal, The

National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States

Nebraska Crimes & Punishments, Criminal Procedure, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Nevada Crimes and Punishments, Vehicles & Related Statutes

New Hampshire Criminal Code, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

New Jersey Civil Practice & Court Rules

New Jersey Criminal Justice Code

New Jersey Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook

New Jersey Education Law Report

New Jersey Law Enforcement Handbook Volumes I and II

New Jersey Law Journal

New Jersey Motor Vehicle & Traffic Laws

New Mexico Criminal, Vehicles & Related Statutes

New Orleans City Business

New York "Gitlitz" on Divorces and Annulments

New York Banking Law

New York Bloom on Wills Laws

New York Canudo on Criminal Law

New York Canudo on Evidence Laws

New York City Building Code

New York Civil Practice Law & Rules Handbook

New York Civil Service Law

New York Consolidated Laws (NYCU)

New York Corporation Law Handbook

New York Correction Law Handbook

New York Court Forms

New York Courts Manual of Procedure

New York Criminal and Civil Forfeitures

New York Criminal Law Handbook

New York Criminal Procedure Law Questions & Answers

New York E.P.T.L. & S.C.P.A.

New York Education Personnel Update

New York Employment Law & Practice

New York Environmental Conservation Law

New York Estates, Powers, & Trusts Law (E.P.T.L.)

New York Family Law Handbook

New York Family Law Monthly

New York Identification Law

New York Insurance Law

New York Jury Verdict Reporter

New York Landlord & Tenant Handbook

New York Law Digest

New York Law Journal

New York Lawyer

New York Legal Forms and Procedures Handbook

New York Medical Malpractice

New York Multiple Dwelling Law

New York Penal Law & Criminal Procedure Law

New York Penal Law Questions & Answers

New York Real Estate Law Reporter

New York Real Property Laws Handbook

New York Search & Seizure

New York Security Officer Training Manual

New York Surrogate's Court Procedure Act (S.C.P.A.)

New York Town Laws

New York Understanding the Penal Law

New York Vehicle & Traffic Law

New York Village Law

New York Workers' Compensation Law Handbook

North America Free Trade & Investment Report, The

North Carolina Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

Northwestern Financial Review

Nutrition Funding Report, The

Nutrition Legislation News

NYC Fire Law Handbook

NYC Housing Maintenance Code

NYC Law Digest

Occupational Hazards

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety News

Office @ Home

OH&S Health Facilities Report

Ohio Banker

Ohio Criminal Code

Ohio Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws

Oklahoma Crimes & Punishments, Vehicles & Related Statutes

Oregon Crimes & Punishment, Vehicles & Related Statutes


Outlook from the State Capitals, The

Palm Beach Daily Business Review (FL)

Patent Strategy & Management

Pennsylvania Crimes Code

Pennsylvania Criminal Law Digest

Pennsylvania District and County Reports--Advance Sheets

Pennsylvania District and County Reports--Bound Volumes

Pennsylvania Judiciary & Judicial Procedure

Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Handbook

Pennsylvania Law Weekly

Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure

Pennsylvania Vehicles Law

Personal Injury Reporter (PA)

Pertinent Commercial Statutes

Peyron Tax Accountants Communique

Peyron Tax Letter & Social Security Report

Phone-Tap Magazine

Physician Medical Group Acquisition Report

Police Science Fundamentals

Practice Development for Solos & Small Firms

Prison Legal News

Privacy Journal

Private Equity Analyst, The

Private Finance Initiative Intelligence Bulletin

Product Alert

Product Liability Law & Strategy

Professional Speaker

Public Assistance & Welfare Trends/State Capitals

Public Employment Law Notes

Public Employment Records

Public Health/State Capitals

Public Safety and Justice Policies/State Capitals

Public Safety News

Public Safety Personnel Update

Public Utilities/State Capitals

Recorder (CA), The

Recycling Laws International

Reference File U.S.

Rhode Island Criminal Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

RICO Law Reporter

Rundt's World Business Intelligence Reports

San Diego Business Journal

Securities Class Action Alert

Securities Pro Newsletter

Securities Reform Litigation Act Reporter

Senior Care Acquisition Report

Senior Care Investor, The

Shopping Center Law Report

Sixth Circuit Review

Sloan Management Review

Small Business Advisor, The

Smart Business for the New Economy

Smart Workplace Practices

Social Justice

Social Service Jobs

South Carolina Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

South Dakota Crimes, Criminal Procedure, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Sports Medicine Standards & Malpractice Reporter, The

Sports, Parks & Recreation Law Reporter, The

Standards of Medical Care

Start-Up & Emerging Companies Strategist

State Legislatures

State Recycling Laws Update

Stress Management for Law Enforcement

Substance Abuse Funding News

Successful Franchising

Supervision Handbook

Supported Employment InfoLines

Tax Service for Corporate Acquisitions & Dispositions of Businesses

Taxation and Revenue Policies/State Capitals

Taxes-Property/State Capitals

Taylor Law Update

Taylor's Encyclopedia of Government Officials: Federal & State

TD Access & Safety Report

Telecom Mergers and Acquisitions

Telecom Standards Newsletter

Tennessee Criminal Offenses, Vehicles & Related Statutes

Texas Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook

Texas Law Enforcement Handbook

Texas Lawyer

Texas Penal Code and Related Statutes Flip code

Texas Vehicle Law Flip Code

Third Circuit Digest

Thomas Report, The


Toledo Business Journal

Toronto Business


Trade Finance

Trademark Trends

Uniform Commercial Code

United States Code Unannotated (USCU)

US News & World Report

Utah Criminal, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Utilities Telecommunications News (UTN)

Valuation Report

Vermont Criminal, Motor Vehicles & Related Statutes

Virginia Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

Warning Letter Bulletin

Washington Crimes, Punishments, Vehicles & Related Statutes

Washington Environmental Protection Report

Washington Monthly, The

Washington Tariff and Trade Letter

Washington Trade Daily

Welfare Bulletin

West Virginia Crimes, Traffic Regulations & Related Statutes

Wisconsin Criminal, Corrections, Vehicles & Related Statutes

Women Police

Women's Business Exclusive

Workplace Ergonomics News

World Law Business

Wyoming Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook

Yearbook of Experts, Authorities, and Spokespersons

Youth Crime Alert

Zoning News






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