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  General Interest (19 items)
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    Legal Magazines & Periodicals American Lawyer

American Lawyer
The American Lawyer is the nation's leading monthly magazine covering the business of law and the people driving the profession. Known for its fearless reporting and award-winning writing, The American Lawyer features trailblazing articles about lawyers and the work they do, as well as departments covering management, technology, big deals and big lawsuits, pro bono, and the Supreme Court.

Publisher: American Lawyer Media LP
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Barron's

Barron's covers what happens when money and markets come together - who wins, who perhaps loses, and for what reasons. What's more, Barron's explores what well may happen in the markets next, thereby arming investors for the shocks and turmoil of market battles to come and allowing them to survive - indeed, to thrive - as a result.

Publisher: Dow Jones & Co., Inc.
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise is a monthly business-service publication for African-American professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. Through its monthly features and departments, the magazine examines critical personal finance, money, and career management issues with a hands-on, how-to style.

Publisher: Earl G. Graves Publishing Co., Inc.
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Business 2.0

Business 2.0
Business 2.0, the magazine of the New Economy, looks at all that's new and noteworthy about the networked economy. Each issue goes in-depth to investigate and question global business issues, e-commerce, Internet movers and shakers, new business models, and the people and ideas that are changing the way we work. This is not business as usual.

Publisher: Imagine Media, Inc.
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Business Ethics

Business Ethics
Business Ethics provides quick-reading, insightful coverage of all the significant trends in business. Try Business Ethics and you'll find innovative companies, real-life management dilemmas, thought-provoking analysis, groundbreaking economics, and exclusive socially responsible investing coverage in each bimonthly issue.

Publisher: Business Ethics
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Business Week

Business Week
Business Week, America's leading business news magazine, makes the world of business as interesting as it is important identifying and analyzing events, trends, and personalities that make a difference. The magazine clarifies complicated issues and communicates a sense of excitement, telling its readers what they need to know, often before they are aware of the need.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur magazine provides thousands of small business owners with the latest trends and strategies in marketing, management, technology, and much more. Entrepreneur Magazine is the small business authority. It is written to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners manage and grow their business.

Publication Type: Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Executive Excellence

Executive Excellence
Since 1984, Executive Excellence has provided business leaders and managers with the best and latest thinking on leadership development, managerial effectiveness, and organizational productivity. Each issue is filled with insights and answers from top business executives, trainers and consultants--information you won't find in any other publication.

Publisher: Executive Excellence Publishing
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Forbes

Forbes is the magazine that offers in depth coverage that examines the personalities and issues that shape the business world today and explores the trends of tomorrow

Publisher: Forbes, Inc.
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Fortune

Fortune speaks the language of the street: Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue, and everywhere in between, providing innovative business ideas and in-depth strategies and analysis. Published biweekly, Fortune offers readers an unparalleled look at a wide range of business and economic news, with incomparable access to business drivers around the globe. Fortune also captures the new economy with the excitement, energy, and perspective that sophisticated decision-makers crave. Fortune covers business like no other magazine can.

Publisher: Time, Inc.
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review is the journal of management thought and practice, written by authorities in business and business education. This bimonthly publication offers discussion and debate on agenda-setting issues of both national and international significance while challenging the conventional wisdom of management practice. Harvard Business Review is the world's most influential management publication, and has been defined as indispensable reading for executives who aspire to superior leadership. Harvard Business School Publishing -- helping you to improve the practice of management.

Publisher: Harvard Business School Publishing Corp.
Publication Type:
Law Journals


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Home Business

Home Business
Home Business magazine covers every facet of the growing, dynamic home-based business market. Its cutting-edge editorial on business operations, sales, home office, franchising, business opportunities, network marketing, mail order, and the Internet helps readers select and manage a home-based business.

Publisher: United Marketing & Research Co., Inc.
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Home Business Report

Home Business Report
Home Business Report is geared toward helping the micro-enterprise market and the many challenges facing the growth of small businesses. Published four times a year, the magazine provides down-to-earth advice, news, views, and sensible tips for people who currently operate or want to start a business from their home. Based in Canada, the magazine applies to businesses all over the world. When you're overwhelmed and frustrated by the challenges every small business person inevitably faces, Home Business Report provides welcome guidance and inspiration.

Publisher: HB Communications Group, Inc. (Canada)
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine
Inc. magazine, published 18 times a year, provides you with solid, practical management advice for running your small and growing business. It also gives you a sense of community letting you know that you're not alone in the business challenges that you face. The magazine also shares the solutions that other entrepreneurs have found to those same tough problems.

Publisher: Goldhirsh Group, Inc.
Publication Type:
Legal Magazines


    Legal Magazines & Periodicals National Directory of Minority Attorneys

National Directory of Minority Attorneys
This annual directory is made up of over 500 listings, the National Directory of Minority Attorneys, provides a unique tool for in-house counsel who wish to include a more diverse group of outside counsel available to serve their clients' legal needs. Diversity makes the law profession stronger, enriches the practice environment, and provides a more comprehensive pool of talent for our clients to tap. This one-of-a-kind directory is organized in four sections: Minority-owned law firms, Minority attorneys at majority-owned firms, Minority in-house counsel, and Minority attorneys in government agencies is available in print as well as online.

Publication Type: Legal Newsletters



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